ATM Solutions

ATM Service & Support

If one of your ATMs was down for a couple of days, how much of an inconvenience would it cause your customers / members? How much would it cost you in lost revenue?

Whether you purchased your ATM from Sharenet or other vendors, Sharenet can service and support your equipment.

Sharenet’s field engineers are manufactured-trained and support a comprehensive variety of ATM equipment. With Sharenet on the job you can be assured that your financial institution or retail location is positioned to maintain and implement a wide variety of devices related to acquisition activity and market demands.

1st Line ATM Service
Sharenet’s 1st line ATM service covers jams and other minor ATM malfunctions that usually require minimal troubleshooting but does not include tools or hardware. 1st line service includes:

  • Replacement of Receipt / Journal Paper
  • Clearing of Paper and/or Bill Jams
  • Resetting of ATM
  • Telecommunications & Electrical Power Issues

2nd Line ATM Maintenance
Sharenet’s 2nd line ATM service covers major ATM malfunctions, troubleshooting of issues you may have with your ATM and replacing of all ATM assemblies. It covers:

  • ATM Terminals
  • System Mechanical Issues
  • Electrical System Issues
  • Communications Components
  • Computer Components

Some of the ATM products that are serviced and supported by Sharenet include:


Model Support




Comnet 4000

Description: Diebold Logo.png

Opteva 500, 510, 512, 520, 562, 720, 740, 750, 760 Series, Diebold 900 Series, Diebold 1000 Series, Cash Source Plus

Description: Fujitsu_Logo_screen.jpg

Fujitsu Series - 4000, 6000, 6100
Fujitsu Series 7000, Fujitsu Series 8000



C1000, C2000, C3000, Merlin I, Merlin II, Merlin III

Description: nh_logo.jpg

Monimax 5000, 5100, 5300, 5600 Series, NH-1500, NH-1800 Series, Nano Cash 2000, 3000 Series, MoniMax 5100T, 7100T, 7600T Series, Mini-Bank NH-2100T, Monimax 7000D, 7600D

Description: ncr-logo_rgb.png

Easypoint 3300, 3010, 3600, 3800, Easypoint 62
5000 Series
5300 Series (Easypoint and MCDII)
5500 Series – 5588 (Personas P88)
5600 Series
Personas 71, Personas M Series 86, Personas M Series 87
Personas 75, Personas 77, Personas 77 Solo, Personas M Series 74,
Personas M Series 76
Personas M Series 86, Personas 71, Personas M Series 87, Personas 90e
NCR P72 Sidecar (BNA & CPM Support)
NCR P73 (Full function ATM with BNA & CPM)

Description: tidel_logo.gif
NCR Easy Point Series

Tidel AnyCard - mpd, sc, td
Tidel 1000 and 2000 Series, Chameleon

Description: Tranax Logo.jpg

Minibank 1700, c4000, x4000 Series
MBS 5000 Series

Description: triton Logo.jpg

8100, 9100 Series
9600 Series, 9700 Series
RL1600 Series, RL2000 Series, RL5000 (Triton Standard Software)
RT2000, FT5000 (Triton Standard Software)
RL5000xp, FT5000xp, FT7000xp

Description: Wincor Logo.jpg

ProCash 2100xe, 2150xe, 2250xe, 2350xe, 2100xxe Series